The National Award THE BEST IN THE SCRAP MARKET was established by the Association NSRO RUSLOM.COM and is a project aimed at popularizing the ecological model of the economy and increasing the business reputation of the scrap handling industry, as well as for developing an independent system of industry ratings. In 2021 the eighth annual award will find the winners in the announced nominations.


April 13-14, 2021 Moscow, Hyatt Regency Moscow Petrovsky Park


Leaders of all-Russian rating of companies of scrap and waste metals industry

Special industry nominations

Leaders of the federal and regional ratings in nominations:

         Scrap processing

         Scrap recycling


         End of life Vehicles and other equipment utilization

         E-scrap utilization

         Scrap consumption

         Network growth

The winners are picking out according to the results of the calculation of indexes of the effectiveness of the companys business and rating making as at the end of 2019-2020 years. As well as according to the applications, making by the nominees

Nomination for the contribution to the metallurgy and scrap and waste metals industry


1. For equipment suppliers and manufactures

         Reliable equipment supplier

         Sales equipment leader in Russia

2. For the companies of scrap market

         For the environment protection

         Quality of scrap

         Successful marketing strategy

         Innovative approach

         Development of international cooperation

         Human resources

         Aid and Charity

3. 3.     For companies of financial services, finance lease, consulting, logistics, communication, education.

         Reliable partner on the scrap market

         The best affiliate program

         Leader on working with the enterprises of the scrap market

The winners are picking out according to the competitive selection of the applications, making by the nominees





The application and addition materials should be sent in electronic form by feedback form or by email:

The company can apply one or more applications in different nominations

The participation is free. To become a Participant of the National Award as the leader of the all-Russian rating of companies in the scrap and metal waste handling industry, the following materials must be submitted:

-          Completed application form for the National Award THE BEST IN THE SCRAP MARKET

-          Additional materials for application

There are also additional special nominations for all companies in the scrap market and related industries wishing to take part in the competition and the Award. In order to become a Participant of the Award in a special industry nomination, a voluntary targeted contribution is required and a copy of the payment order for payment of the contribution must be attached to the application*. All funds raised from registration fees are used to cover the costs associated with information and organizational support of participating companies.

-          A voluntary target contribution for one application is 310 USD/280 EUR

-          The minimum voluntary contribution for two applications is 470 USD/420 EUR

-          The minimum voluntary contribution for three or more applications is 630 USD/560 EUR


Voluntary target contribution assumes:

-        granting the status Award Participant in the special category;

-        expenses of the Organizing Committee for the qualification selection of applications to determine the Nominees, the organization of an individual assessment of materials by experts;

-        information support during the period of the competition: posting the Participants news on the official website of the Award and including them in the newsletter of the News Digest of Association NSRO RUSLOM.COM;

-        invitation and organization of participation company representatives in the award ceremony

-        organizing of industry exposition.


The Organizing Committee reserves the right to request additional materials from the competitor, including documentary ones. If the competition materials dont match the requirements of the Award, the application may be rejected.


For participation, please contact the Directorate of the Association NSRO RUSLOM.COM by phone: +7 (499) 490-49-28, e-mail

All sponsors of the MIR-EXPO exhibition and the 16th forum "Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals" are granted the right to participate as honorary guests of the Award, as well as the possibility of booking a table in the advertising exposition complementary.





Metal Cup 2021 Championship

The Metal Cup championship has been held for several years among students of specialized universities, accumulating the most talented and promising young specialists.

The championship of the new season is aimed at creating business projects (start-ups) in the metallurgical sector, the solutions of which can be introduced into existing production or create a new one.

Directions of case studies:

-         new products or product improvements;

-         increasing the complexity of raw materials processing;

-         increasing the efficiency of technological processes, including through digital services;

-         improvement of technologies for cleaning or processing industrial waste. 

The organizers are the Young Metallurgists Association (MPPM) and the Siberian Federal University (Siberian Federal University, Krasnoyarsk)

In 2020, the Association NSRO RUSLOM.COM became a co-organizer of the championship. The participants showed high knowledge and results in solving the case for vehicle recycling.

In addition, the cases for the solution were formulated by such enterprises as METALLOINVEST MC LLC, Polymetal International PLC, RUSAL PLC, Severstal PJSC, EVRAZ ZSMK, PJSC NLMK.

A case is a real task from the activities of a company or an entire industry.

The case provides information on the activities of specific enterprises, large investment projects or an entire industry:

        parameters of the technological process and equipment;

        technical and economic indicators;

        development programs;

        working conditions in the domestic and foreign markets;

        relationships within a company or region;

        advanced technologies and development programs.


Acquaintance with the case is a chance to learn more about how the company works, to assess your opportunities for employment.

The preparation of one case takes from 1 to 3 months. Analysts of the Young Metallurgists Association, leading scientists and engineers of universities and enterprises are working on its development.

For the Metal Cup 2021 Championship, the industry site of the 16th International Forum Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals was proposed. More than 100 contestants from different cities and countries are expected to participate.


Beauty contest Miss MIR will be held among the representatives of the steel and scrap metal industry in 2021

Ladies who devote themselves to metallurgy and metal recycling are no doubt as strong and reliable as steel, but at the same time they can light a fire in their hearts and be as hot as metal in a furnace. This unusual alloy gives the explosive energy of the "Miss MIR" contest. The organizers are convinced that this event will not leave anyone indifferent.

The final of the competition and the selection of winners will be held in Moscow at the Hyatt Regency hotel on April 13-14, 2021, as part of the annual international forum "Ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals".

In the final program:

         Defile in evening dresses from the designer's fashionable collection;

         Defile "in metal" - demonstration of the jewelry collection;

         The awards presentation;

         Photo session;

         Evening reception and entertainment program.

As part of the Miss MIR competition, winners will be selected in 10 nominations:


1.    Miss MIR Gold,

2.    Miss MIR Silver,

3.    Miss MIR Copper.


4th nomination Miss EcoMetal (disclosure of the eco-concept in a video interview),

5th nomination Miss Defile (designers choice),

6th nomination Miss Photomodel (bikini photo),

7th nomination Miss Office (photo corporate style),

8th nomination Miss   (choice in the hall by applause),

9th nomination Miss Luxury  (photo in evening and cocktail looks),

10th nomination Miss Grace.

There are also ten Miss Charm prizes.

The contest schedule:

1st qualifying stage. Photo competition.

         October 30 - December 20, 2020 - taking photos and posting on the site for open voting.

         December 20, 2020 - January 20, 2021 - the beginning of voting, selection of the best 20 contestants.

All 20 contestants who have passed the 1st stage are preparing video presentations for the 2nd round. In addition, they will be invited to the exhibition and will receive prizes.

2nd qualifying stage. Video presentations.

         January 10 - February 20, 2021 - receiving video presentations from the winners of the 1st stage.

         February 20 - March 15, 2021 - the work of the commission, selection of the 10 best videos.

A 3-minute video presentation will contain the following sections:

         1st minute - a presentation about yourself (hometown, name, age, education, career plans),

         2nd minute - presentation of the organization (name, city, specialization, mission, goals, any indicators and facts),

         3rd minute - presentation on the topic of ecology (problems of recycling, the role of citizens and organizations in solving environmental problems, any facts and examples).

The main nominations will be distributed among the girls who passed both rounds on April 13-14 at the final in Moscow.

The organizer of the competition is LLC, Rusmet Rating Agency, the partner is the Association NSRO RUSLOM.OM.






Plan of Exhibition Areas 2021


The Organizer


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