29.09.2015. Inspiration given by scrap metals


Rusmet team is inspired by metals and scrap metals. That is why we have decided to try to reveal new faces of art at our scrap metals events.

We invite the participants of the forum to try to find beauty in such material as scrap metal and take part in our photography exhibition.

SCRAP ART photography exhibition will take place on 29 February 01 March 2016 in the frame of the 12th International Forum Ferrous and Non-ferrous Scrap Metals 2016.

What are scrap metals? From one hand they are a kind of solid wastes. From the other hand they are a valuable raw materials used in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy. At the same time they can inspire artists. That is why we would say: scrap metals are art, which shows itself in photograph, painting, and sculpture.

The exhibition is unique as the stories about scrap recyclers are presented by scrap recyclers themselves. The exhibition gives us an opportunity to look into scrap recycling and metallurgical companies life, to see their everyday work and special events, to get acquainted with those who provide world with metal.

Participation in the photography exhibition will tell about your company and its achievements and remarkable events. Over 600 participants and guests of the forum will take part in the exhibition opening.

Sections of the SCRAP ART exhibition

The topics offered above should not limit your fantasy. You may suggest yours! We would be glad to expose your photographs, paintings, sculptures, and to show your movies about metallurgy and scrap metals. The exhibition will terminate with an award ceremony. We wish you professional and art achievements!

*The print-ready modules should be provided in TIF format.
The deadline is 10 February 2016.
Requirements for the picture and the file:
150 pixels per inch
Not more than 150 Kb
1:1, without margins

Rusmet and RUSLOM.COM team.




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Procedure for Delivery/Removal of Equipment and Exhibits

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