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Scrap market forecast and industry salvation. Congress of scrap recyclers from 30 countries.

At 29 February 1 March 2016 will be held the 12th International Forum "Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals".
What is happening in the country and the world now, has never happened before. The main task of the forum bring to government the real situation in the industry, metallurgy and mechanical engineering and show the way of salvation of domestic enterprises. That why the forum will be held in front of the White House in the Moscow Government building.
Modernization of scrap processing industry and the development of related programs of industrial waste this mechanisms aimed primarily at stimulating demand and production that can support industry business.
Future has come sooner than expected. Country-leaders in January 2016 in Davos discussed the fourth technological revolution. Those countries and companies that do not have time to regroup, fall by the wayside.
That's why in the Forum metals and scrap market dealt with four positions and components of the technology industry.

  1. Raw. Prices are back to 90s, and by the rate of decline to 70s! A world- and Russian balance required of the market of raw materials due to the global resource war. How much scrap is needed indeed? And how much steel? The energy balance in the world and currency war. How will the entry of new capacity affects on DRI new facilities. What is the China impact on the markets with its 400 million tons of excess steel plants losses exceeded $ 9 billion, but they are ready to move on, to maintain market share. The German experience shows, that in exchange for a ban on exports of engineering products in China, technological power of the EU is ready not to impose a ban on Chinese metal.

  2. Technologies. Foreigners used to say "You do anything but not the business", when they look at the economy of our companies and the number of staff employed. The World and Russian technological level of the industry. Benefits and comparison of technologies, taking into account the life cycle. If the economy does not work out for the processing of 1 ton of metal, we can not speak about any future. Quality of scrap and the cost of steel. Logistics is an urgent topic for Russia. Platon's system leads to increased costs at least 10%. Needless to say about "scrap backflow". E-sales technology and purchases of scrap from the owner of the metal-fund at the request of Ministry of Economic Development.

  3. Finance. Stop closing accounts processors! RUSLOM maintain a register of reliable companies, engaged in dialogue with Russian Central Bank. Sberbank and VEB actively involved in solving the problem. Financing conditions recyclers of scrap from Japan and China will be opened - this is particularly interesting in view of the forthcoming increase the refinancing rate. Until February will be a good time for shopping business investors say. What will happen to the financial markets from March 2016? Is there any late payments and the chain reaction? What will be the banks situation in Russia? Changes in the tax system recyclers. Income tax and VAT. State program of recycling industries will be discussed in this session extremely necessary measure.

  4. Labor. Labour productivity in the different countries in terms of time and national currencies. Which work in scrap substitute robots? Re-training and certification of personnel. Occupational safety and competitive intelligence how is a trade secret may be declassified? Awarding the best employees in the sector. Meeting with the youth of MISA, Moscow State University, MSTU the best and smart young students come to meet with prospective employers. Communication with them will charge the participants of the forum a positive potential for the whole year!

Any company that accessed to international markets has a future. Therefore, special attention on the forum to international delegations from China, Japan, Korea, Iran, the EU and the United States. Iran after the lifting of sanctions is the country that want to cooperate with Russia more than ever.
Diversification. What's new could be add in the business? A number of companies have chosen additional direction for the collection of waste paper, plastic and glass recycling. About the "parallel directions economy" will tell consumers of other types of recycled materials.

Skip to the forum and exhibition is carried out on tickets and pre-registration. To select delegates is in the box, the pit or on the balcony in the meeting room, please contact the organizing committee phone+7(495)980-06-08,


At the end of the October 2015 number of approved companies coming to the World Scrap Forum is growing fast.
Representatives from the 16 countries and more than 60 cities have already field the application.
Click on the link to become one of the delegates of the Forum:


The forums "Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals 2016" new media partners are: "Metallurgical Bulletin" is a Russian monthly magazine providing unexcelled insight into the domestic and global ferrous and nonferrous metals markets through a large spectrum of information and MetalTorg.Ru is a Russian web service highlighting metal markets via its fresh-time news line and thorough analytical reports and outlooks.


The ranking of the representation of the WORLD SCRAP FORUM by region:
In the first place, of course, the Moscow region.
In second place, the Ekaterinburg, the city of steel mills.
And in third place, we were surprised by the Kaliningrad region!


20 October, 2015, Moscow - Non-commercial partnership"RUSLOM.COM" has evaluated the impact of medium-term trends of the international scrap-markets.
The director of "RUSLOM.COM" Victor Kovshevny has noted that according to some foreign expert organizations scrap metal can displace ore and coal from the raw materials market by 2050. The global steel industry will use the recycled metal by 70%, because it is more efficient from the point of view of energy saving, economy and ecology.
As for now, "RUSLOM.COM" highlights the following trends and developments affecting the scrap market in Russia and the world:
1. A world without borders.
Formation of international unions and free trade zones. Example - TIPP (US and the EU Zone).
Meaning: The first who will remove barriers, will overtake the others. The consolidation of the existing model: there exist consumer countries (such as the US) as well as the countries-suppliers (such as China). Who would not agree - will be on the sidelines of history.
Conclusion for Russia: Formation of international alliances (with Iran, India, Japan, Southeast Asian countries), the expansion of the territory of the Customs Union. The introduction of alternative currency.
Impact on the Russian scrap market: remove the restrictions on export and import of scrap, coming of large foreign leaders to create their own networks in Russia. By analogy with the food market: network hypermarkets superseded the small markets and small players.

2. Production of a number of primary raw materials.
Meaning: lower logistics costs. The solution of environmental problems in the West by removing dirty production of final products and semi-finished products to China, Russia and Southeast Asian countries.
Conclusion for Russia: Bet on the creation of high-tech industry's recovery, in which the leading role will be playing by the new generation of scrap procurement (specialization: metal, vehicle, waste paper, rubber, plastic, batteries, e-waste).
Impact on the Russian scrap market: "clarity" of the companies, the arrival of foreign "ecological" investment market, the introduction of new standards. Introduction of compensation schemes for processors by means of environmental charges. Who would not be reconstructed - will not survive.

3. The raw supermarket: a sharp increase in e-commerce.
Meaning: the involvement of all sections of society and state enterprises in the delivery of electronic items recycled through the reception on the principle "apply - they came, took, assessed and paid / issued a certificate for the new offer of similar products."
Conclusion for Russia: a booming of e-commerce in the segments of retail, small and large wholesale recyclable materials: metal, vehicle, waste paper, rubber, plastic, batteries, e-waste). Establishing of recovery exchange.
Impact on the Russian scrap market: an increase in the depth and quality of scrap collection, efficiency gains of 15-30% in the implementation of state-owned enterprises, and scrap with large holdings - a sharp decline in corruption component. Widespread use of government programs of the recycling to support domestic producers.

Non-commercial partnership"RUSLOM.COM" is the unique Russian official industry association of scrap processors, having the status of a national self-regulatory organization. Participants of the partnership are the steel mills and independent companies - the leaders of the state recycling programs and the renewal of the 2010-2011, 2014: NLMK, Metalloinvest, Severstal, OMC , ChTPZ Group, Russian Railways, AvtoVAZ and independent scrap procurement. Members of Non-commercial partnership "RUSLOM.COM" have 100% shredders power of Russia (13 shredders) and 65% of the market in terms of consumption of steel scrap in Russia.

For the contacts:
tel. 7 (495) 782-44-84
e-mail ,


Russian scrap metals companies, at the exhibition SCRAP EXPO, for the most part want to see foundry Equipment and melting furnaces.


Today, the participation in the Forum SCRAP 16 confirmed the largest in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Central Asia company which specialized enterprise for receiving, storing and processing of ferrous metals, Joint Stock Company Kazvtorchermet, having a 91-year-old reputation as a reliable partner on the domestic and foreign markets secondary metallurgy.

A first scrap processing industry rating to be presented at the international forum in Moscow

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