Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap Metals 2014

10th International Forum

19-20 February 2014 Renaissance Moscow Monarch Centre Hotel, Moscow, Russia








19 February 2014

Andreevskiy Hall

08:3010:00 Registration

09:4010:00 Participants take their seats in the meeting room according to the places chosen

10:0010:30 Opening of the forum, welcome addresses

10:3011:50 Session 1. Situation in the market

The situation in Russian scrap market is difficult, as well as the situation in the market of the biggest buyer Turkey.

Presentations, experts opinions, discussions

11:5012:20 Coffee break

12:2013:30 Session 2. How to raise scrap procurement companies work efficiency.

The key question is pricing for scrap at steel mills. The major problem is the competition on the ground: scrap prices at the independent companies and subsidiaries of Russian steel mills. Also it is necessary to eliminate excessive regulations and control of the market by the sate.

Presentations, experts opinions, discussions

Pricing of scrap metals on the ground for subsidiaries.

13:3013:50 Scrap as a hi-tech industry. The strategy until 2030

Viktor Kovshevny, CEO, Intellectual Resources Center, MISIS

14:0015:00 Networking lunch

15:0015:30 Participants award ceremony Who is the best in scrap metals market

15:3016:00 Discussion of ferrous metallurgy development strategy until 2030. What is the role of scrap procurement companies?

The document is being developed by the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia according to the commission of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev.


16:0016:30 Session 3. Regulation and self-regulating

The Federal law About wastes of manufacturing and consumption will be adopted on 1 May 2014. The law will stipulate recycling fees for all goods in Russia. Besides, from 1 January 2015 the membership in a self regulating organization will be obligatory.


Presentations, experts opinions, discussions

16:4017:40 Session 4. Scrap handling and processing equipment: new and used.

Presentation of the mill and equipment: HuaHong
Hu Pin Long, CEO

Panel discussion with the equipment suppliers

Up to 7 equipment suppliers take part in the discussion. The suppliers are asked the same set of questions so that scrap recyclers could make their decisions about equipment purchases. Each supplier has up to 2 min. for the answer.


Representatives of companies

18:0020:00 Entertainment program and networking.

20 February 2014

Georgievsky Hall

09:3010:00 Registration

09:4510:00 Participants take their seats in the meeting room according to the places chosen

10:0010:05 Opening of the 2nd day, welcome addresses

10:0510:20 The transfer from licensing to self-regulation in the scrap market

10:2011:30 Session 5. Experts presentations about situation in the market.

11:3012:00 Coffee-break

12:0013:30 Session 6. New directions of business for scrap recyclers.

12:0012:15 Mercury containing wastes: Creation of compact fluorescent bulbs recycling system in Russia.

12:1513:30 Creation of automobiles recycling industry in Russia.

From 1 January 2014 all Russian manufacturers and importers of automobiles should pay recycling fees.


13:3014:30 Networking lunch

Two programs (at choice):

14:3017:00 Excursion

14:3015:30 Financial session

Experts opinion:

Key questions

15:3016:10 Discussion of non-ferrous strategy development until 2030.

The document is being developed by the Ministry of industry and trade of Russia according to the commission of the Prime Minister of Russia Dmitriy Medvedev.

16:0016:30 Summing up

The participants list

ABLV Bank Loan Manager Latvia
Akademie der fuerenden Technologien e.V. (ADFT e.V.) Chairman of the Council Germany
Akademie der fuerenden Technologien e.V. (ADFT e.V.) CEO Germany
Akron Metal Group Director of Sales and Foreign Trade Department Russia
Akron Metal Group CEO Russia
Alfa Metall Deputy Director Russia
Alkom Director for Development Russia
Alkom Director Russia
Altayvagonsnab, Trade House Chief Manager Russia
ANS Greifer Director Russia
ANS Greifer Commercial Director Russia
Association of Russian Banks Vice President Russia
ATM Recyclingsystems CEO Austria
ATM Recyclingsystems Sales Representative Russia and CIS Russia
ATM Recyclingsystems Sales Director Russia and CIS Russia Germany
ATM Recyclingsystems Sales Director, Austria Austria
Beltsvetmet Deputy Director Belarus
BMZ, Saint-Petersburg Director Russia
BMZ, Saint-Petersburg Deputy Director for Commerce Russia
BMZ, Saint-Petersburg Deputy Director for Purchases Russia
Branswick Rail Management Head of Commercial Dept. Russia
Caterpillar Eurasia Manager for Development Russia
CentrVtorMet, Bryansk Director Russia
ChelPipe, Moscow Specialist for Strategy Marketing Russia
Chermet CMK Owner Russia
ChermetInvest-T CEO Russia
ChermetServis-Snabzhenie, Ekaterinburg CEO Russia
ChermetServis-Snabzhenie, Ekaterinburg Commercial Director Russia
ChermetServis-Snabzhenie, Ekaterinburg Head of Separate Dept., Volzhskiy City Russia
Chermet-Volzhskiy Director Russia
Continuus-Properzi Representative in Russia Italy
COPEX Chief Executive Office France
COPEX Responsable commercial COPEX Russie et CEI Russia
Cronimet Scrap trader stainless steel Germany
Cronimet Scrap trader stainless steel Germany
Cronimet Scrap trader stainless steel Germany
Danieli Henschel (France) Director for Sales in CIS Russia
Danieli Henschel (France) Director for Marketing Russia
Dnepropetrovskiy Vtormet Head of Scrap Procurement Ukraine
DonLom CEO Russia
Dorce Prefabricated And Construction Industry Trade Business Development Director Turkey
Ecology in Metallurgy, magazine Deputy Director Russia
Ecoprogress Head of Commercial Department Russia
Ecorecycling CEO Russia
Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasiev & Partners Law office Attorney Russia
Ekonatsproekt Technical Specialist Russia
Ekoteploservis Director Russia
EMP Recycling General Director Lithuania
Ermetal Director, scrap trading Turkey
Essar Steels Chief Commercial Officer India
EuroChem Chief Specialist of Property Relations Dept. Russia
Eurosteel Manager & Super Alloys Manager Italy
EvrazHolding Chief Analyst, Strategic Planning Dept. Russia
Expert-Ural Correspondent Russia
Federal Mogul Wiesbaden Analyst for Purchases, Federal Mogul Powertrein Vostok Germany
Federal Mogul Wiesbaden Deputy Director, Federal Mogul Naberezhye Chelny Germany
Ferreatek-Yug CEO Russia
Ferreatek-Yug Sales Manager Russia
Ferrocom-service CEO Russia
Ferrocom-service Sales Manager MG RECYCLING Russia
GMT Metal Director Turkey
Grasgroup CEO Russia
Hammer Rus Sales Manager Russia
Hammer Rus CEO Russia
Hetek Commercial Director Russia
Hetek Director Russia
HuaHong Raw Material Purchasing China
HuaHong Head of Sales to Russia China
HuaHong CEO China
HWH Machines Director Germany
HWH Machines Technical Director Germany
Ildar Neverov Business-ombudsman for ecology and environment use, Office of the Authorized Representative for Businessmen Rights Protection, Russia Presidential; Representative of BIR in Russia Russia
IMABE IBERICA Technical Director Spain
IMABE IBERICA Commercial Director Spain
IMABE IBERICA Translator Spain
IMABE IBERICA Technical Specialist Imabe Iberica Spain
ImpexTrade Chairman of Board Russia
ImpexTrade CEO Russia
Independent Transport Company Head of Department for Relations with NLMK-Sort Russia
Industrial Metallurgical Holding Director for Investors Relations (KOKS Group) Russia
INFOMINE Research Group CEO Russia
Institute of Ecological and Energy Management CEO, Institute of Ecological and Energy Management; Certified Expert, UNIDO Russia
Intermettrade CEO Russia
Interpipe Ukraine Lead Specialist of Strategic Analysis Dept. Ukraine
Kamensk-Uralsky Non-ferrous Metal Working Plant Director for Purchases Russia
Kamvtormet Deputy Director for Sales Russia
KarInterProm Director Kazakhstan
Kaskad Director Russia
Kazvtorchermet Chairman of Board Kazakhstan
Kazvtorchermet Deputy Director for Purchases Kazakhstan
Kazvtorchermet Head of Analytical Dept. Kazakhstan
Kazvtorchermet Head of Commercial Dept. Kazakhstan
KDK-Prim Executive Director Russia
KDK-Prim Business Manager Russia
Kirovchermet Deputy Director Russia
Kraftmash CEO Russia
KSP Steel Head of Steel Raw Materials Dept. Kazakhstan
KSP Steel Executive Director Kazakhstan
KTA.LES Director Russia
KVINTMADI Head of Port, Inermodal, and Universal Loaders Dept. Russia
KVINTMADI Sales manager of the 2nd Category Russia
KVINTMADI Lifting machines Sales Manager the 2nd Category Russia
Level CEO Russia
Liebherr-Russland Sales Manager Russia
Liebherr-Russland Head of Sales Russia
Liebherr-Russland Sales Manager Russia
Liebherr-Russland Sales Manager Russia
Lifting Machines Analyst of Marketing Dept. Russia
Maglug Collegium Member Of Ferrous Scrap Direction Russia
Maks-InTrade CEO Russia
Maks-InTrade Russia
Market of rolled metal and processing, magazine Editor-in-Chief Russia
Market of steel and tubes Project Manager Russia
Market of steel and tubes Head of Advertising Russia
MATI Russian State Technological University in the name of K.E. Tsiolkovskiy Russia
MegaReks Head of Rep. Office, Moscow Russia
MegaReks Russia
MegaReks Russia
MegaReks Director Russia
MegaReks Founder Russia
Mergermarket Correspondent, Russia/CIS Russia
Meta, Samara Head of Transit Purchases Dept. Russia
Meta, Samara Head of Sales Dept. Russia
Metal Expert Consulting Projects Manager Russia
Metal Supply and Sales Reviewer Ukraine
Metalcom Director Russia
MetalIImpex, Trade House CEO Russia
MetalIImpex, Trade House Head of Economy Dept. Russia
Metalika Deputy Director Russia
Metalika CEO Russia
Metallprofpererabotka Chairman of Board Russia
Metallprofpererabotka Project Manager Russia
Metall-Servis, Taganrog Commercial Director Russia
Metallstil Deputy Director Russia
Metalltorg, Vladivostok CEO Russia
Metalltorg, Vladivostok Deputy Director à Russia
Metalresearch Commercial Director Russia
Metalresearch Director, Chief Analyst for Metals Russia
Metex CEO Russia
Metinvest Evrazia Marketing Specialist Russia
Metinvest-Resource CEO Ukraine
Metinvest-Resource Head of Imoprt Dept. Ukraine
Metkim Metal Sales Manager Turkey
Metline SPb Founder Russia
Metline SPb CEO Russia
Metso Lindemann Senior Sales Manager. Processing of Municipal and Metal Wastes Russia
Metso Minerals CIS Director for CIS Countries Russia
Metso Minerals GmbH Vice President Russia
Mitsui and Co. Moscow Senior Specialist of Machines and Equipment Department Russia
Moscow Bureau Business Day Russia
Motovilikha Plants Director for Procurement Russia
Motovilikha Plants Head of Strategic Marketing Dept. Russia
Motovilikhinskiye Zavody Head of Markets Monitoring Dept. Russia
MVS CEO Russia
MZK Director Russia
National bank magazine Russia
National Union of Self Regulating Organizations of Production and Consumption Wastes Operators President Russia
Neva-Trade CEO Russia
Neva-Trade Commercial Director Russia
Nordkom Director of Scrap Dept. Russia
Nord-Metall Commercial Director Russia
Novostal CEO Russia
Ocean Manager for Alloyed Steels Purchases Russia
Ocean Chief Specialist for Alloyed Steels Russia
Ocean CEO Russia
OMC-Ecometal CEO Russia
OMC-Ecometal Commercial Director Russia
Oris Prom Commercial Director Russia
Oskol Electrometallurgical Plant Head of Scrap and Energy Sources Purchases Dept. Russia
Ostankino-2 Operator Russia
Petrostal Head of Scrap Purchase Russia
Platts Marketing Manager Russia, FSU, Eastern Europe Russia
Port Of Sillamae Commercial Manager Port of Sillamae Estonia
Povolzhskaya Aluminievaya Company CEO Russia
Privolzhskaya Aluminium Company Director Russia
PROFIT, Magnitogorsk Deputy Director for Scrap Shipments Russia
Prom Met General Manager Russia
PromInvest Founder, CEO Russia
PromInvest Head of Purchases Dept. Russia
PromInvest Founder Russia
PromInvest Almaty Advisor to Director for Commerce Kazakhstan
Promtekhnologia CEO Russia
Promtekhnoset Chairman of Board Russia
Promtekhnoset Lawer Russia
Promvest Commercial Director Russia
Pskovvtormet CEO Russia
Recycling International Journalist Netherlands
Red October Head of Department for Main Materials and Scrap Procurement Russia
Rimeco Director Denmark
RosMet, S.-Petersburg Director Russia
RosMet, S.-Petersburg CEO Russia
Rostov Electrometallurgical Plant CEO Russia
Rot-Berg S.r.l. Italy
RUSLOM.COM President Russia
Rusmet Russia
Rusmet Senior Analyst Russia
Rusmet Chief Analyst Russia
Intellectual Resources Center, MISIS CEO Russia
Rusmet Deputy Director Russia
Russkaya Planeta Correspondent Russia
Ryaztsvetmet CEO Russia
RZD-Partner, Magazine Correspondent Russia
S.C. REMAT VALCEA Commercial Manager Romania
Sankt-Petersburg Indastry Group Director of Development Dept. Russia
Scholz Recycling Purchase/Sale Manager Germany
Self Regulating and business, Magazine (SRO Prof) Journalist Russia
Severo-Zapadnaya Transport and Logistic Company First Deputy Director Russia
Severstal Vtorchermet Êîììåð÷åñêèé äèðåêòîð Russia
SGMK-Trade Specialist of Marketing Dept. Russia
SGMK-Trade Head of Commercial Dept. Russia
Sibvtormet Chief Specialist of Commercial Dept. Russia
SIDCO Founder Àâñòðàëèÿ
Sidley Austin Foreign trade Specialist Belgium
Silnye mashiny Specialist for Sales Russia
Silnye mashiny Director Russia
SSAB Regional Manager for Sales Øâåöèÿ
SSAB Regional Sales Manager SSAB EMEA Russia
Starglobe Ltd Head of Raw Materials Dept. Russia
STM-Holding CEO Russia
Taganrog Metallurgical Works Head of Purchases Dept. Russia
Taurus Trade Director Russia
TECHCOM Commercial Director Germany
TECHCOM Director of Rep. Office Germany
Terex Deutschland Business Manager Germany
Terex Deutschland General Manager Germany
The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Chief Consultant of Ferrous Metals and Iron Ore raw Materials Dept. Russia
The Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Director of Metallurgy and Heavy Machine Building Dept. Russia
TMC Chief Specialist of Marketing and Foreign Trade Dept. Russia
Tolmets Head of Sales Latvia
Tolmets Business Development Director Latvia
TradeActiveResource CEO Russia
TradeActiveResource Commercial Director Russia
TradeActiveResource Director Russia
TradeActiveResource Head of Service Russia
TradeActiveResource Commercial Director Russia
TradeActiveResource CEO Russia
TransLom Head of Scrap Sales Dept. Russia
TransLom Head of Marketing Dept. Russia
TransLom Deputy Director Russia
TransMetResursTreid Russia
Travelogos Deputy Chairman of Supervisory Committee Kazakhstan
Travelogos Chairman of Supervisory Committee Kazakhstan
Tube and Pipe Industry Development Foundation Director Russia
UBT-Ecology Manager Russia
UBT-Ecology Director Russia
UBT-Ecology Chief Engineer Russia
UBT-Ecology Head of Operations Russia
UGMK-Steel Deputy Director for Purchases Russia
UkrMet Vice President Ukraine
Ukrmet, Ukranian association of ferrous metallurgy Stockholder Ukraine
Uni-Blok Russia
Uralvtormet, PG Russia
Ural-Zoloto Deputy Director for Raw Materials, Ural-Zoloto, Member of the Arctic Working Group, Head of Non-ferrous and Precious Metals Recycling Russia
Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde Sales Manager Recycling Plants Germany
Ventilatorenfabrik Oelde Area Sales Manager Large and special fans Germany
Verband Deutscher Metallhandler Managing Director Germany
Volgavtormet Director Russia
Vostok-Tranzit Deputy Director à Russia
Vtorchermet NLMK, Trade house Head of Marketing Russia
Vtorichnye metally magazine Commercial Director Russia
Vtormet, Industrial Company Chairman of Board Russia
Vtormet, Industrial Company Aluminium Raw Materials Purchasing Russia
Vtormet, Makhachkala CEO Russia
Vtormetservis Commercial Director Russia
Wiederkehr Recycling CEO Switzerland
Zato Sales Italy
Zato Managing Director Italy
Zeppelin Russland Manager Russia



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